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Law Offices of Mark R. Bower


176 Broadway, #10E
New York, NY 10038

Mailing Address:

15 Wimbledon Drive, Suite 3
New Jersey, NJ 10038

(Not licensed to practice law in New Jersey)

Telephone: 212-240-0700
Fax number by request only

E-mail: Mark@BowerLawPC.com


We welcome inquiries as to whether we may be able to help you, without charge or obligation. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis (which means there is no fee unless we are successful).

Our Mission

The  Law Offices of Mark R. Bower, P.C. advocate for our clients, seeking to improve our nation's health care, as we obtain just restitution for our clients.  While we zealously represent people who have been seriously injured as a result of all sorts of medical errors, we have a special interest in representing women and their babies who have not received proper care.   We have had noteworthy success with complicated birth injury cases, like Erb's Palsy, and in cases where the mothers and/or their babies have been injured during labor induction.  We have the most experience and expertise in the country, in handing injuries caused by misuse of the drug, Cytotec during the induction of labor.  Mr. Bower gets admitted pro hac vice to courts in other states around the country to assist in complex cases in other states.

We aim to improve the lives of our clients and their families, but we also hope our efforts change the policies and procedures, the understaffing, in insufficient training, the systemic problems ... that allow errors to occur.

Our legal success stories are many and varied, and include recoveries we have made on behalf of patients, and their families, who have suffered serious injuries from medical errors in treating or diagnosing chest pain, cancer malpractice, automobile collisions, product defects, and other acts of negligence. 

Just as we rigorously strive for fair compensation and justice, we also strive to provide competent and sensitive attention to our clients.  

Company Profile

The Law Offices of Mark R. Bower, P.C. offers the personal touch of a small firm, while providing top-notch legal talent and unsurpassed ethics in seeking justice for our clients. Visit the Firm Overview  web page of this site to assess the outstanding qualifications, contributions, and track records of our professional staff.









Contact Information

bulletTelephone: (212) 240-0700
bulletStreet address:
bulletLaw Offices of Mark R. Bower, 176 Broadway, #10E, New York, NY 10038
bulletMailing address:
bulletLaw Offices of Mark R. Bower, 15 Wimbledon Drive, #3, Vernon, NJ 07462  (Not licensed to practice law in New Jersey)
bulletElectronic mail:
bulletGeneral Information: Mark@BowerLawPC.com
bulletFax: available on request

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